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by Bill Hauldren

The Osawatomie-Paola Boys Swim Team slid North on Tuesday afternoon and held their own while swimming with the “Big Boys,” finishing third in a four team meet featuring Blue Valley West, St. Thomas Aquinas and Olathe North.

Jared Auten joined Alex Weatherbie in qualifying for the State Swim Meet in late February, by turning in a time of 57.84 in the 100 meter Butterfly, which was good for a second place overall in the event. Weatherbie gained his second berth in the state meet with time of 51.81 in the 100 meter Freestyle.

“I want to emphasize what this young man (Auten) has done in the off season,” said Head Coach Sarah Dorsett. “Jared came to the first day of practice ready to swim these times. Last year, Jared was not even close to qualifying times like he is now, he has learned how to feel fast in the water with a smooth, “slippery,” streamlined stroke.

Overall, Dorsett was pleased with her team’s performance against competition from the larger schools.

"This type of meet is very competitive, to swim against larger schools, but our team numbers are good, and we are developing depth,” Dorsett said. “We need to develop more strokes other than freestyle to be balanced. We are fortunate to have Jared and Alex qualify for state this early in the season. Note to other swimmers on the team; these two swimmers swim in the off season!"

The overall development of the team is continuing, Dorsett said. She is particularly happy with the commitment of three team members to the long distance event the 500 meter freestyle.

“Nathan Laudan, Michael DelValle and Austin Johnson want to swim this race every meet and they score points for sure,” said Dorsett. “Together they scored 33 points for the team on Tuesday, which is big.  That almost equals the points you can get for a 1st and 2nd place combined. They are contributing in a big way.”

Dorsett also pointed out that part of the point disparity between West and Aquinas and Osawatomie-Paola can be attributed to the lack of diving facilities at the Miami County YMCA where the team practices.

“One meter diving is one of the events, and we cannot enter it because we have no diving board,” she said. “We are a very competitive team swimming, but the lack of diving is a disadvantage. No problem, we just continue swimming.”

The Osawatomie-Paola boys were in action December 10 at Bonner Springs, and will host a meet on Thursday, December 18 at the Miami County YMCA, featuring teams from Blue Valley Northwest, Bonner Springs and Turner.

200 Free:

5. Stetson Jackson, 2:15.41

11. Austin Johnson, 2:48.31

200 IM

5. Daniel Dorsett, 2:34.06

8. James Teuscher, 2:41.64

50 Free

3. Alex Weatherbie, 23.67

10. Eli Waddle, 26.29

11. Kyle Dietrich, 26.42

18.Alec Burford, 28.94


Bill Dillenbeck, 27.74

Jedd Froggett, 27.96

Brad Shore, 30.01

Alex Neubecker, 30.84

Alex Cochrane, 31.29

Jesse Prue, 31.76

Kyle Cox, 31.82

Joey Clinton, 31.99

Jeremiah Marschall, 33.74

Austin Neal, 36.87

Josh Cantu-Rhoads, 38.75

100 Butterfly

2. Jared Auten, 57.84

3. Gus Hart, 1:05.36

100 Free

12. James Teuscher, 1:03.45

13. Bill Dillenbeck, 1:03.70

15. Alec Burford, 1:04.64

19. Kyle Cox, 1:07.21


Brad Shore, 1:12.01

Joey Clinton, 1:15.76

Jeremiah Marschall, 1:23.28

Austin Neal, 1:23.99

500 Free

6. Nathan Laudan, 7:02.52

8. Michael Del Valle, 7:26.40

9. Austin Johnson, 7:52. 78

100 Back

5. Dorsett, 1:06.28

6. Hart, 1:08.26

11. Prue, 1:29.53

100 Breast

2. Stetson Jackson, 1:14.30

8. Josh Cantu-Rhoads, 1:40.56

12. Alex Cochrane, 1:48.30

400 Free Relay

3. Weatherbie, Jackson, Teuscher,Auten, 3:46.76


200 Free Relay

4. Auten, Dietrich, Waddle, Weatherbie, 1:41.14

7. Shore, Dillenbeck, Burford, Cox, 1:57.14

12. Neubecker, Marschall, Neal, Clinton, 2:14.54

200 Medley Relay:

3. Daniel Dorsett, Stetson Jackson, Auten, Eli Waddle, 1:56.37

4. Gus Hart, Alex Weatherbie, James Teuscher, Kyle Dietrich, 1:59.35

Weatherbie swims second state qualifying time

Blue Valley West Swim Meet