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Weatherbie, Auten lead swimmers at Coffeyville

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“Alex Weatherbie swam two personal bests,” said Head Coach Sarah Dorsett, “He also all four events he was entered in, along with Jared Auten, who also won the four events he as entered in.”

In addition to his first place finishes in the 50 and 100 free, Weatherbie teamed with Daniel Dorsett, Auten, and Gus Hart to place first in the 200 Meter Medley Relay with at time of 1:53.78 and joined Auten, Hart and James Teuscher to win the 400 Meter Freestyle Relay with a time of 3:49.08

Dorsett was very pleased with Auten’s performance also.

“One of the most amazing swims of the day was Jared Auten’s 100 butterfly.” she said. “He went under one minute, swimming a 58.88, which is only .75 seconds off a state qualifying time.”

“He took an amazing 12 seconds, yes, TWELVE seconds off last season’s time.” she continued. “I was getting chest pains watching it was so awesome.”

Auten added first place finishes in the 200 Meter Medley Relay, the 400 Meter Freestyle Relay and teamed with Stetson Jackson, Alec Burford and Teuscher in the 200 Meter Freestyle Relay which finished first with a time of 1:46.65.

Other swimmers taking first place in the event were; Daniel Dorsett in the 200 Meter Individual Medley with a time of 2:33.65 and Stetson Jackson in the 100 meter Breast Stroke with a time of 1:16.28

But, Dorsett was quick to point out that this was a total team effort in the win.

“In this meet the scoring extended down to 16 places,” She explained. “We had a significant number of points scored by those who placed no higher than fourth, which is important to win a meet. You don’t win a meet with just the top three places. This helps the kids, because they know they don’t have to be a top placer to make an important contribution to the team’s win.”

Plus, Dorsett went on to explain, there were events where she was unable to fill because of a lack of swimmers skilled in the appropriate stroke, for example, the back stroke, breast stroke, butterfly and long distance freestyle. She said she was hopeful that the guys would really want to practice these strokes so they could enter more events.

But overall, Dorsett was pleased and a bit surprised by the teams performance.

“I wasn’t expecting such excellent swimming in our first meet,” she said. “We have only had 12 practices.

“We had several rookies, that have never swum competitively before and they were amazing,” she continued. “Everyone is really in tune with swimming with great technique and getting control of their nerves.”

Dorsett sees good things on the horizon for the Osawatomie-Paola swimmers.

“It is early in the season, and we have much work to do.” Dorsett concluded. “With more work we are going to take our performances to a much higher level than I ever imagined.”

“It has to be smart work, quality work, with careful attention to the big and little details of stroke technique, and of course the guts to really work hard in practice to improve endurance.”

The Osawatomie-Paola swim team returns to the pool tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. at Blue Valley West High School.


CELEBRATION! Members of the Osawatomie-Paola Boys Swim Team celebrate with the First Place Trophy from the Coffeyville Field-Kindley Invational Swim Meet on Saturday. The boys took eight of eleven first place medals at the event in route to the season opening victory. The team returns to action tomorrow at Blue Valley West. (photo courtesy of Sarah Dorsett)

Weatherbie steps-up to sing Anthem

Parents are always being asked to step up and help out at their kids sporting events, and this willingness to step up was demonstrated once again Saturday in Coffeyville, as Osawatomie-Paola team member Alex Weatherbie’s mother Deb Weaterbie stepped in and sang the National Anthem to open the meet.

"When the Coffeyville officials asked if there was anyone who could sing the Star Spangled Banner for the opening, my assistant coach knew who to ask...she went to Deb Weatherbie, mom of Alex,” said Osawatomie-Paola Head Coach Sarah Dorsett.” “Her beautiful voice was stirring. I have never heard our national anthem sung that well. I had a feeling that this was going to be a good meet for us.”

“Sure enough,” she continued “We win 8 out of the 11 events, including all three relays.  Alex swims a state qualifying time in the 50 free. Can you guess who I am going to ask to sing it at all our home meets? "

Oz-Paola Meet Results

200 Free

2. Jackson, Stetson, OZPA, 2:13.45; 7. Johnson, Austin, OZPA, 2:47.67.

200 IM

1. Dorsett, Daniel, OZPA, 2:33.65; 5. Teuscher, James, OZPA, 2:47.02.

50 Free

1. Weatherbie, Alex, OZPA, 23.22; 8. Burford, Alec, OZPA, 27.94.

Others: Dillenbeck, Bill, OZPA, 28.15;  Cox, Kyle, OZPA, 28.66; McKinney, Ryan, OZPA,  28.84; 12. Hilliard, Jon, OZPA, 29.16; Prue, Jesse, OZPA, 31.77;  Clinton, Joey, OZPA, 31.77; Marschall, Jeremiah, OZPA, 31.88;  Neal, Austin, OZPA, 33.55; Cochrane, Alex, OZPA, 33.62.

100 Fly

1. Auten, Jared, OZPA, 58.88; 2. Hart, Gus, OZPA, 1:03.90. 

100 Free

1. Weatherbie, Alex, OZPA, 51.92; 4. Teuscher, James, OZPA, 1:03.17.

Others: Cox, Kyle, OZPA, 1:07.85;  McKinney, Ryan, OZPA,  1:09.39; Clinton, Joey, OZPA, 1:16.75;  Prue, Jesse, OZPA, 1:24.07;  Neal, Austin, OZPA, 1:25.20.

500 Free

6. Del Valle, Michael, OZPA, 7:30.90; 7. Johnson, Austin, OZPA, 7:49.95.

100 Back

2. Hart, Gus, OZPA, 1:08.83; 3. Dorsett, Daniel, OZPA, 1:09.77;

0thers: Marschall, Jeremiah, OZPA, 1:40.28.

100 Breast

1. Jackson, Stetson, OZPA, 1:16.28; 12. Neubecker, Alex, OZPA, 1:31.10.

200 Medley Relay

1. Daniel Dorsett, Jared Auten, Gus Hart, Alex Weatherbie, 1:53.78

7. Jedd Froggett, Bill Dillenbeck, Jon Hilliard, Alex Neubecker 2:16.51

200 Free Relay

1. Stetson Jackson, Alec Burford, James Teuscher, Jared Auten,1:46.65

7. Joey Clinton, Kyle Cox, Jedd Froggett, Jon Hilliard, 2:05.33

400 Free Relay

1. Jared Auten, Gus Hart, James Teuscher, Alex Weatherbie, 3:49.08

4. Michael DelValle, Ryan McKinney, Jon Hilliard, Bill Dillenbeck, 4:36.81