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Oz-Paola third in close home meet

Meet Results

Event # 1 Men 200 Medley Relay

1st - B Relay

Osawatomie-Paola: 1:51.59

Stetson Jackson, Jared Auten, Eli Waddle, Daniel Dorsett

4th - A Relay

Osawatomie-Paola: 1:58.82

Alex Weatherbie, James Teuscher, Kyle Dietrich , Gus Hart

7th -- C Relay

Osawatomie-Paola: 2:10.45

Alex Cochrane, Jon Hilliard, Jedd Froggett, Jesse Prue

Event # 2 Men 200 Free

Jackson, Stetson: 2:12.77 - 2nd

Laudan, Nathan: 2:28.95 - 6th

Event # 3 Men 200 IM

Auten, Jared: 2:13.93 - 2nd

Teuscher, James: 2:33.23 - 6th

Event # 4 Men 50 Free

Weatherbie, Alex: 23.26 - 1st

Froggett, Jedd: 26.07 - 5th

Waddle, Eli: 26.59 - 8th

Dietrich, Kyle:26.88 - 11th

Dillenbeck, Bill: 28.02 - 16th

Hilliard, Jon: 28.10 - 18th

McKinney, Ryan: 28.34 - 19th

Clinton, Joey: 29.01 - 24th

Prue, Jesse: 29.12 - 26th

Cochrane, Alex: 29.74 - 31st

Neubecker, Alex: 29.77 - 32nd

Marschall, Jeremiah: 30.40 - 34th

Johnson, Austin: 33.07 - 44th

Cantu-Rhoads, Josh: 38.17 -46th

Event # 6 Men 100 Fly

Hart, Gus: 1:03.60 - 2nd

Hilliard, Jon: 1:15.29 - 7th

Event # 7 Men 100 Free

Dillenbeck, Bill: 1:02.86 - 11th

Clinton, Joey: 1:05.27 - 15th

Marschall, Jeremiah: 1:09.99 - 18th

Event # 8 Men 500 Free

Laudan, Nathan: 6:41.50 - 5th

Del Valle, Michael: 7:02.82 - 9th

Johnson, Austin: 7:25.67 - 11th

Event # 9 Men 200 Free Relay

2nd - A Relay - 1:40.26

Gus Hart, ,James Teuscher, Alex Weatherbie, Kyle Dietrich

3rd - B Relay - 1:41.48

Stetson Jackson, Daniel Dorsett. Eli Waddle, Jared Auten

6th - C Relay - 1:52.60

Bill Dillenbeck, Ryan McKinney, Jon Hilliard, Jedd Froggett

10th - D Relay - 2:00.16

Jesse Prue, Alex Cochrane, Joey Clinton, Alex Neubecker

Event # 10 Men 100 Back

Dorsett, Daniel: 1:06.92 - 3rd

Prue, Jesse: 1:19.36 - DQ

Event # 11 Men 100 Breast

Jackson, Stetson: 1:13.26 - 3rd

Neubecker, Alex: 1:29.56 - 10th

Cantu-Rhoads, Josh: 1:40.20 - 12th

Event # 12 Men 400 Free Relay

2nd - A Relay

Osawatomie-Paola: 3:50.76

Daniel Dorsett. Kyle Dietrich, James Teuscher, Alex Weatherbie

4th - B Relay

Osawatomie-Paola: 4:00.41

Gus Hart, Bill Dillenbeck, Eli Waddle, Jared Auten

The Osawatomie-Paola Boys Swim team hosted a competitive, four team meet on Thursday, January 15, 2009 at the Miami County YMCA Aquatic Center, finishing in third place overall with 430 points. Olathe Northwest finished in the top spot overall with 532 point followed by Shawnee Mission West, which finished just ahead of the host team with 437 points. Blue Valley West rounded out the meet with 397 points.

Oz-Paola Head Coach Sarah Dorsett was pleased with the fact that she now has two relay teams which have posted consideration times for possible state qualification.

"The winning 200 Medley Relay team swam a consideration time of 1:15.59, each swimmer on the team needs to shave about 0.7 seconds off their leg times to get a state qualifying time," said Dorsett. "This was a real surprise to me, they are working hard in practice to do it."

The Oz-Paola Boys 200 Medley team of Stetson Jackson, Jared Auten, Eli Waddle and Daniel Dorsett took first place in the event. The other Oz-Paola teams finished fourth (Alex Weatherbie, James Teuscher, Kyle Dietrich, Gus Hart) and seventh (Alex Cochrane, Jon Hilliard, Jedd Froggett, Jessie Prue) in the event.

"In fact, we've got two 200 Free Relay teams that now have state consideration times," Dorsett said. "The Osawatomie team and the Paola team, we've got three more chances to swim a qualifying time, hopefully at the next meet at home this week."

In other events, Alex Weatherbie continued his domination of the speed race, the 50 Free, winning in a time of 23.26, not as fast as his last swim at home, but a gold medal anyway. Stetson Jackson took second n the 200 Freestyle with a time of 2:12.77, Gus Hart took second in the 100 Butterfly with a time of 1:03.60. Daniel Dorsett took third in the 100 Backstroke with a time of 1:06.92 and Stetson Jackson swam to a third place finish in the 100 Breast Stroke with a time of 1:13.26.

In the other relays, the 200 Freestyle team of Hart, Teuscher, Weatherbie and Dietrich placed second with a time of 1:40.26 to edge out the team of Jackson, Dorsett, Waddle and Auten with a time of 1:41.48. The team of Bill Dillenbeck, Ryan McKinney, Hilliard and Froggett finished sixth and the team of Jesse Prue, Alex Cochrane, Joey Clinton and Alex Neubecker placed 10th. In the 400 Freestyle Relay the team of Dorsett, Dietrich, Teuscher, and Weatherbie place second with a time of 3:50.76 and the team of Hart, Dillenbeck, Waddle and Auten placed fourth with a time of 4:00.41