State qualification times continue

The state qualification times continued as the Osawatomie-Paola boys swim team added the names of the 200 yard medley relay to the list of qualifiers as the quartet of Daniel Dorsett, Patrick Kennedy, Gus Hart and Alex Weatherbie as they touched the finish line eighth in a time of 1 minute, 52.21 seconds Tuesday, January 29, 2001 at the Hummer Sports Complex Natatorium in Topeka.

The Oz-Pa boys placed sixth out of 10 teams in the meet, which featured several larger schools.

“We did pretty well against some of the top 6A schools in the state, although we were way outscored with the top three or so,” coach Sarah Dorsett said. “We held our own in sixth place out of 10 teams.”

Teammates Jared Auten and Alex Weatherbie are starting to have a competitive battle in the 50-yard freestyle, an event both of them have already qualified for state. Auten edged out his teammate Weatherbie for second finishing in 23.54 seconds, while Weatherbie touched in 23.60.

The pair also placed fourth in the 100 butterfly and 100 freestyle respectively. Auten touched the finish line in 58.27, while Weatherbie did so in 52.11.

Auten later teamed with Dorsett, Jon Hilliard and Jesse Prue in the 200 freestyle relay to place seventh in 1:40.26.

Dorsett later placed eighth in the 100 backstroke in 1:01.92. Kennedy earned 11 team points for Osawatomie-Paola by touching the finish line eighth in the 100 breaststroke in 1:13.77.

Osawatomie-Paola boys will return to the pool on Wednesday, February 10, 2010 for the ILC meet in Bonner Springs, and those qualified, the State Swimming Championships will be held in Topeka on Friday and Saturday, February 19 & 20, 2010.



200-yard medley relay: Zac Kleitz, Michael Del Valle, Jared Auten, Jesse Prue, 12th, 2:00.78.

200 individual medley: Austin Johnson, 22nd, 2:56.6.

50 freestyle: Prue, 16th, 25.55; Jon Hilliard, 18th, 25.75; Grant Maimer, NP, 26.81; Nathan Laudan, NP, 27.32; Patrick Kennedy, NP, 27.83; Joey Clinton, NP, 28.16; Bill Dillenbeck, NP, 28.34; Kleitz, NP, 29.57; Cory Weaver, NP, 30.65.

100 butterfly: Gus Hart, 12th, 1:07.24; Johnson, 23rd, 1:21.53.

100 freestyle: Hilliard, 24th, 1:02.12; Clinton, 29th, 1:05.58; Dillenbeck, 30th, 1:06.17; Jay Boan, NP, 1:09.36.

500 freestyle: Laudan, 22nd, 6:49.24; Del Valle, 23rd, 6:56.21.

200 freestyle relay: Clinton, Maimer, Dillenbeck, Hart, 16th, 1:50.26; Johnson, Kleitz, Weaver, Boan, NP, 2:00.65.

100 backstroke: Prue, 12th, 1:11.46; Kleitz, 1:18.39.

100 breaststroke: Del Valle, 18th, 1:24.06; Weaver, 22nd, 1:29.78.

400 freestyle relay: Dorsett, Hart, Dillenbeck, Weatherbie, 12th, 3:54.45; Maimer, Laudan, Clinton, Hilliard, 17th, 4:15.91.