Butler AquaBears Swim Team

AquaBears swimmers are improving

by Carol Hayes, AquaBears Public Relations Representative

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Hosting the Louisburg Barracudas, the largest team in the South Suburban Swim League, Butler’s AquaBears swim team continued to show improvement at last Saturday morning’s meet, with swimmers in every age group earning points.

Breaststroke was the team’s strongest event, accounting for three first-place, two second-place and two third-place finishes:

WLH03011st – Kylee Eidson, 8-and-under girls; Jacob Shipley, 9-10 boys; and Tabitha Foote, 15-and-up girls.

2nd – First-year swimmer Drake Stephens, 9-10 boys; and James Simms, 15-and-over boys.

3rd – Makenna Stephens, 8-and-under girls; and Erin Lesmeister, 13-14 girls.

Also earning blue ribbons for Butler were Mason Hayes (11-12 boys backstroke), Johnna Spencer (13-14 girls 200-m. individual medley), and the 13-14 girls freestyle relay team composed of Spencer, Taletha Barger, Katie Henry and Gabby Blevins.

Foote backed up her breaststroke win with second-place finishes in freestyle and 200-m. individual medley, making her the high-point winner for the week. Hayes and Spencer each added one second-place finish, Hayes in freestyle and Spencer in butterfly, while Eidson added third place in backstroke.

Draden Davis (11-12 boys) earned points in all three of his individual events, taking second in backstroke and third in freestyle and fly. Mady Koehn took second in 11-12 girls’ butterfly.

Rounding out Butler’s individual points for the day with third-place finishes were:

• 8-and-under – first-year swimmer Morgan Van Gordon (girls butterfly)

• 13-14 – Mary Raab (girls freestyle), Jesse Donovan (boys freestyle) and Taletha Barger (girls backstroke)

• 15-and-over – Shannen McCoy (girls butterfly) and James Simms (boys backstroke)

The Louisburg meet was Donovan’s first meet this year, and the first meet ever for new AquaBears Peyton McGuire (11-12 girls) and Cassandra Smith and Cassie Wason (both 8-and-under girls). Swimmers interested in joining the swim team for the second half of the 2010 swim season may contact Melissa Campbell at 424-4479.

The league takes Fourth of July weekend off, but a few AquaBears are planning to head south to compete with swimmers from about a dozen teams at an invitational meet hosted by the Nevada Neptunes of the Tri-State Conference. League swimming resumes with a July 10 meet in Clinton, vs. the Golden Valley Dolphins.

Gold-level sponsors of the Butler AquaBears are Casey’s General Store, Caskey Hopkins & West Law Firm, Country Mart, Don’s Tire & Service Center, The Flaming Lantern, Get Fit Gym & Fitness Center, Hammett’s Collision Repair and Wilson Tire.

Complete Results:

Races are 50 meters unless otherwise noted.

8-and-under Girls – 100-m. medley relay: 3rd (M. Van Gordon, M. Stephens, Emily Lesmeister, K. Eidson). 25-m. butterfly: M. Van Gordon, 3rd. 25-m. breaststroke: K. Eidson, 1st; M. Stephens, 3rd; E. Lesmeister, 5th. 25-m. backstroke: K. Eidson, 3rd. 100-m. free relay: 2nd (M. Stephens, E. Lesmeister, M. Van Gordon, K. Eidson); 4th (Jordan Mackey; Savannah Willis; Jakaila Rolph, Ainsley Vandenburg)

8-and-under Boys – 25-m. freestyle: Jagur Eidson, 6th. 25-m. backstroke: J. Eidson, 6th.

9-10 Girls – 100-m. medley relay: 3rd (Jadan Rolph, Kenna Schrock, Tarin Schrock, Emma Van Gordon). Freestyle: J. Rolph, 6th. Breaststroke: K. Schrock, 5th; T. Schrock, 6th. 100-m. free relay: 4th (Rebekah Campbell, Ciara Hill, Kayla Wainscott, T. Schrock)

9-10 Boys – Freestyle: J. Shipley, 4th. Breaststroke: J. Shipley, 1st; D. Stephens, 2nd.

11-12 Girls – 200-m. medley relay: 3rd (Keegan Lawrence, Courtney Blevins, M. Koehn, P. McGuire). Freestyle: C. Blevins, 4th; M. Koehn, 5th. Butterfly: M. Koehn, 2nd. Breaststroke: C. Blevins, 5th. Backstroke, K. Lawrence, 4th; P. McGuire, 5th. 200-m. individual medley: C. Blevins, 4th; M. Koehn, 6th. 200-m. freestyle relay: 3rd (K. Lawrence, P. McGuire, Jadan Rolph, K. Schrock).

11-12 Boys – 200-m. medley relay: 2nd (M. Hayes, J. Shipley, D. Davis, D. Stephens). Freestyle: M. Hayes, 2nd; D. Davis, 3rd. Butterfly: D. Davis, 3rd; M. Hayes, 4th. Backstroke: M. Hayes, 1st; D. Davis, 2nd. 200-m. free relay: 2nd (D. Stephens, J. Shipley, M. Hayes, D. Davis)

13-14 Girls – 200-m. medley relay: 2nd (T. Barger, K. Henry, J. Spencer, G. Blevins). Freestyle: M. Raab, 3rd; T. Barger, 5th; J. Spencer, 6th. Butterfly: J. Spencer, 2nd; G. Blevins, 4th; E. Lesmeister, 5th. Breaststroke: E. Lesmeister, 3rd; K. Henry, 4th; M. Raab, 5th; G. Blevins, 6th. Backstroke: T. Barger, 3rd; K. Henry, 5th. 200 IM: J. Spencer, 1st. 200-m. free relay: 1st (T. Barger, K. Henry, J. Spencer, G. Blevins); 3rd (Arielle Coleman, E. Lesmeister, M. Koehn, G. Blevins).

13-14 Boys – Freestyle: J. Donovan, 3rd. Backstroke: J. Donovan, 5th.

15-and-up Girls – 200-m. medley relay: 2nd (Chelsey Lane, T. Foote, S. McCoy, M. Raab). Freestyle: T. Foote, 2nd; S. McCoy, 6th. Butterfly, S. McCoy, 3rd. Breaststroke: T. Foote, 1st; C. Lane, 5th; S. McCoy, 6th. Backstroke: C. Lane, 5th. 200 IM: T. Foote, 2nd. 200-m. free relay: 2nd (C. Lane, S. McCoy, M. Raab, T. Foote).

15-and-up Boys – Freestyle: J. Simms, 5th. Breaststroke: J. Simms, 2nd. Backstroke: J. Simms, 3rd.